USA MRP Nutritional Base Chocolate 30 Servings


USA MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) For Adults, Children, Pregnant Women. Chocolate Flavor. 30 Servings.

The chocolate USA Milk Based MRP is a flavored 10 in 1 MRP (MEAL REPLACEMENT POWDER), made with hormone free, grass fed dairy whey protein. Mix in water with a spoon or use a shaker cup. No need to blend, the powder instantly dissolves. Makes a liquid meal in 30 seconds. Very good for busy adults, teens and children who are looking for a nutritious balanced meal. It is enhanced with  several unique nutritional products including Whole Foods, Probiotics and PreBiotics. Does NOT contain any genetically modified organisms. (NON GMO). The USA MRP is all natural and has No artificial ingredients. It is excellent for pregnant or expecting mothers, busy teens, seniors, adults and children.