USA 72 Minerals For Life Liquid


Generational Nutrition USA 72™ Trace Minerals For Life Liquid 30 servings

Add a few drops of USA 72™ Liquid Minerals For Life to your water or juice and instantly turn your beverage into “smart water,” a “sports drink,” or “enhanced water.” We are providing concentrated drops in a recyclable glass bottle so you are also helping the environment. Use one dropper ( 1ML) up to two times a day day in your water or juice to increases electrolytes and trace minerals that your body needs for optimum function and health. Trace Minerals are lacking in the foods we eat everyday and are very needed. This product will help raise these natural levels. You may feel dehydrated when trace minerals are low. Better water, better health, and a better life, are just a few drops away. USA72™ Liquid Minerals For Life use USA Trademarked ingredients proven for quality and effectiveness. Does NOT contain dairy, soy, gluten, fish, shellfish, egg or nuts. All natural. No artificial ingredients. It is NON GMO.

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